It’s Been a Year

OMG it has been a year that I have not published a blog. Not that it hasn’t been on my mind. A lot has been on my mind. Big thoughts. The big picture. Why am I here? What is my contribution to humanity? What is a feasible route to professional fulfillment? What kinds of things am I willing to put up with in my life and what is ripe for a change?

One thing I know for sure is that change, growth and progress will not happen unless I MAKE it happen. We can manifest what we truly invest our energy and heart in. I have to know what I want, say it out loud and acknowledge it, and then take steps to achieve it. “Name It and Claim It” as my friend Shane Kelly would say.

If Cultural Exchange is important to me (and it is), then I have to reach out and make that happen. If singing is important to me (and it is) I must reach out for bookings. If making a good living is important to me (and it has to be) I have to say ‘no’ to the jobs that take too much time for the amount they pay.

My time is limited. I’ve finally got that.

That ‘death thing’ that happens to us all will also eventually happen to me. (not any time soon but it will). As it has happened to EVERY HUMAN THAT EVER LIVED ON THIS PLANET.

The human race has succeeded in making such immense progress because we have learned from those who came before us. Whether it is the family recipe for tomato sauce or how to remove a spot from a shirt, we all learn and invent things during our lives; skills that we pass on to those younger than us. And so the vast body of knowledge and know-how that has created our world has accumulated, been written down, videotaped, demonstrated and replicated.

Education, it turns out, has saved the human race from having to start over every generation to invent a sharp enough tool to cut the flesh of a wild animal. We instead can build on the expertise of others, to make our lives better. And very complex.

Now of course the flip side — the invention of means of destruction. Yes, we’ve passed on that expertise, too.

So, I’m in this phase of re-tooling, trying to better educate myself on how to take the next steps in my relentless journey towards meaning. I’ll keep you posted better this year. 🙂

A shot from the DVD, Like A Bridge, my magnum opus that just keeps on teaching me.

A shot from the DVD, Like A Bridge, my magnum opus that just keeps on teaching me.


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