My Reality Check Bounced


Cherry BlossomsIt is fully spring in our little town north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate. The cherry trees are in the full burst of Sakura and every day the rose bushes, cut back severely in January, look taller and stronger. They’ve made it through the winter, and so have I.

My Reality Check Bounced

My Reality Check Bounced

Sitting in Candace Forest’s kitchen after a session with an entertainment lawyer and a contract, Candy pulls this cocktail napkin out and we both laugh hysterically in the knowledge that this is true.

I’m in the throes of a big shift.

Readers of this blog may remember that almost 4 months ago in January I vowed to be like Athena, forging on to handle the tough stuff, the legal and organizational underpinning of what’s apparently necessary to get a DVD out into the world.

Like A Bridge

Like A Bridge

Yeah.  This is a major reality check:  I am required to be not only a publicist and producer, but also to understand the legal and financial ramifications of licensing and distribution.  Who bargained for this? If you are an independent artist, you get to do this too.

Face of woman whose reality check is bouncing.

OY VEY. This is not my cup of tea.

But I tell you, there comes a time when you just need to get some expertise on your team and then you can sleep nights! I will never underestimate the need of a trusted entertainment lawyer.

Then there is the big reality check of doing your taxes (do not underestimate the need of a trusted accountant) when one can deeply appreciate the cost of having created the product.

And do not underestimate the need for a trusted financial advisor to salvage what’s left so you don’t end up on the street.

Lua with Twist at Yoshi's - Curtain Call

Lua with Twist at Yoshi’s – Curtain Call

It was right about then, with big plans in my head for Twist, I had the realization that I had to put  Studio NPG on hold and use its space a little differently for a while. I’m happy to say a new studio mate is arriving to join Allison Lovejoy and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them.

Billy-ElliotBecause I’m going on tour. Reality check: full time teaching on the road with a Broadway show, as a studio teacher to lots of kids – a responsibility and  NO KITCHEN.  I have many food intolerances.

Let’s Eat Home has taken on a new meaning. So I’m stocking up on gluten free instant oatmeal and rice cakes, packing vitamins and teaching materials. Talk about a change of reality!

with Nini Giacomelli

with Nini Giacomelli

Susanna Mariotti with me in Sausalito several years ago. Haven't seen her since

Susanna Mariotti with me in Sausalito several years ago. Haven’t seen her since

Verona, friends old and new

Verona, friends old and new

And then, my friends, with my hard-won frequent flyer miles, I am going to Italy and France and Switzerland to hug those who have known me since another time.

Paris_Eiffel_TowerAnd spend my birthday amidst the all-night French national festival of music making, La Fête de la Musique.

Swan Bar, June 29, 2013

Swan Bar, June 29, 2013

And sing a concert in Paris with my dear friend Sheldon Forrest and my dear friend Albin Suffys.

Studio NPG Music Pary

Studio NPG Music Pary

So Studio NPG, our classes, music parties and salon concerts, will be on hold for now. While, for my producing company, New Performance Group, “anywhere I hang my hat is home.”

Keep checking in.



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