Do not remove eyelashes until 4am

Blog, Nov 16, 2012

Disoriented. Went to bed at 4am, got up at 8am. Had a dream I recorded a concert then made a movie. Dreamt I was riding in a limo that kept making K turns, took pictures in front of a theater holding the hand of a small Japanese girl. Woke up and it was true.

Lua Hadar with band Twist, (and mascot) entering the Balboa Theater for the Premiere of their movie last night, Like A Bridge. Photo by Kingmond Young

Gotta hand it to the Balboa Theater. As an accidental rookie indie filmmaker, I completely appreciated this historic theater’s staff and philosophy. They kept it simple, worked with my kookie vision of a mock-Hollywood launch to a movie I didn’t realize I was making until very recently. (And I’ve been at it all year.)

The plan was, rent a searchlight and a limo and a red carpet. Get the photographer who has been photographing not only this project as it developed all year long; the one whose creative guidance, good taste and sense of fun has been a guiding light since 2003, Kingmond Young.

Invite the crew and basically the entire Bay Area.

Then, get a team to pull off the vision. Ah-ha! That’s the important one. Someone fabulously classy at Will Call. Someone with kid glove leadership to wrangle the audience. Someone with experience to sell the merchandise. Folks to pour wine. And an army of assistants.

Load the car with  a case of wine, 150 cups, signage, posters, postcards, and CDs.

Remember to glue your eyelashes on in the right direction.

Get the band to the theater, in jackets, and into the limo. Very challenging, but thanks to smart phones, feasible.

Get the co-producer with the velvet whip to tell us when to go and stop and take a picture and pack up.

Pray to the Gods that it does not rain.

Flip out when you get to the theater with your father’s best friend’s daughter, to see the searchlights beaming all over the night sky and your name on the marquis. Get the team to help you schlep in the stuff that’s in your car.

Ask your photographer how your makeup looks. Try to remember to fix what he tells you to fix instead of getting distracted with the fact that you were supposed to be handling the food order for the band after the show.  And where IS the cellist???

Laugh with joy to see the audience crowding the sidewalk with cameras, having as much fun as you are. Laugh and pose with musicians you adore and revere.

Enjoy the trot up the very short red carpet, holding the hand of a small Japanese girl, daughter of the koto player, in one hand, and a red and black boa in the other.

Introduce the movie you didn’t know you were making and the director without whom it would never have happened. Forget to tell the audience that they are to see first a documentary and then a concert. Forget to introduce your co-producer, then fix it later.

Try to forget you have screened this umpteen times while you are watching it, and remove your focus from every vocal idiosyncrasy you wish you could have fixed.

Take in the fact that you have, amazingly, pulled this thing off.

Kiss everybody, pay the theater rental, get to the restaurant last, of course, late. Enjoy being with your band and telling stories in secret, because you are the only party in the restaurant. After all, it is 10pm on a weeknight in San Francisco. Miss your hometown that never sleeps.

Do not remove your eyelashes until 4am.

Wake up and figure out what comes next.


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