The Life and Times of a By-Default Indie Dare I Say the Word Film Producer – can I get a little prayer out there?


Sitting here tonight, on the last night ( I HOPE! ) of the edit for our DVD, still chained to my computer as I prepare to go back east for 4 days to my high school reunion. The last-minute mystery glitch has been resolved and authoring is proceeding. Since I’ve been in training all year and all summer I know the difference between editing and authoring. And a whole bunch of other stuff I found out, too, as the unwilling producer of my own work as a singer and a citizen of the planet.

It’s the old Bear Went Over the Mountain thing again, I see spread out on the table before me, the Summer of 2012. In which I got mentored through the whole process by Emmy winning director Lawrence Jordan and I became, I guess, somehow, an indie film producer. It’s  kind of hard to believe that my co-producer Candace Forest and I mounted a modest scale broadcast quality shoot last February, released a CD with concerts in NY and the San Francisco Bay Area and are now about to release a DVD at a movie theater. I’m pretty blown away by all of this. I should write a Do It Yourself book, but who has the time?

Anyway, say a little prayer that the authoring goes ok, and that this baby can actually go to manufacturing tomorrow and get itself replicated. 

I’ll be up late. 

Lua Hadar


10pm Pacific Time


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