So you want to know where I’ve been? UP the mountain

sneak peek at the DVD menu created by 3 artists in collaboration. This is a freeze; it actually moves. I learned it is called a Motion Menu.

Begun 8/5/12, continued 9/26/12

Those of you who read this blog may be wondering where the heck I’ve been. The last line of my last blog, written in March 2012 refers to the folksong ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain” (and what do you think he saw?) The answer in the song: “He saw another mountain.” (and what do you think he did?) “He climbed the other mountain.” This pattern repeats and is very useful for singing on long field trips. It is also Buddhism for tots. Life presents us with mountains, which we conquer, only to find that there is NO PLATEAU (which is what I used to hope for, exhausted), just more mountains to be conquered. This is what I have been doing since March.

April: NYC CD Release Concert, and the chance to reconnect with many long time friends and family. It was also bookended by the passing of two mentors, one on each coast, within days of each other.

One of these mentors, the erudite and ebullient interviewer Joe Marchi, received a posthumous gift from his producers, a tribute entitled Regards to Broadway – Curtain Call.  I was honored to be called upon to sing in this broadcast on Pacifica Community Television, where Joe had done about 150 shows over the years.

Right after that followed an intimate concert for San Francisco International Art Festival and the June CD Release Concert at The Jazzschool in Berkeley.

The Next Mountain: The DVD edit.

I find at every turn I am naïve and under-educated about the reality into which I insert myself, blithely thinking that it will all just somehow happen magically. Instead this has been the most amazing learning curve. From location scouting beginning about 10 months ago to shooting the concert part of the project in 2 days last February, getting a call from Yoshi’s and performing there (The Holy Grail!) to the CD Release concerts produced in New York and in the San Francisco Bay Area. And now the myriad layers of understanding to be had about all SORTS of things technological, artistic, and interpersonal. I am reassured by the continued presence of director Lawrence Jordan, who has mentored me at every turn, and there have been many.

In the meantime, a transformation occurred in me, not in small part due to the discovery that I was intolerant to gluten, the removal of which from my diet was most fortuitous for a woman about to go in front of video cameras, no matter how much she misses croissants.  But I also felt different about myself, and that was part diet but also part the strength I derive from collaboration with those I trust to create something that speaks. Forging on to the next mountain. OMG I need a vacation.

So for a while here I think I am going to do short, decontextualized blogs about the process; sort of letters from the Front.

Here’s something from one of my early lists, when I young and innocent,

back in June.


The live performance video resources for the DVD are, in addition to Fantasy shoot: 

1 – Yoshi’s (board feed only) (+ I have an iPod recording of some sound, captured from the audience and iPhone track of GGBridge)

2- NYC (house sound only – 2 prosumer cameras, plus B roll on Flip Camera of audience, lobby meet/greet)

3- Jazzschool (house and board feed on separate audio track.)

4- optional rehearsal shots from my studio, which we might choose to cut in, recorded on Flip camera and Larry’s prosumer video camera.

5- optional footage from France cultural exchange performance 2010

6- optional interview footage from Joe Marchi interview on the project (DV tape)

7- Larry Jordan and I will also record some interview video over the summer, to fill in gaps and introduce features.




The beauty in the Menu for the Live Studio Concert is a creation between Paige Smith, Elaine Trotter and Vince De Quattro, and actually it was first Vince who suggested that a Menu need NOT look like a poster. (what did I know? Its my first time out here J  He took the clip and the sound that Elaine and I provided from the Fantasy shoot and treated it into a moving vignette. Elaine worked on it further and created the basic page. Then Paige developed the graphics and the buttons, working to supply Elaine with Menus that had both lovely design and good function. Paige answered every request for Graphics for the project, using the band’s signature that was her creation. So it has really been a long distance collaboration; although Elaine and Vince both work in the 32Ten Kerner in San Rafael, and Paige lives in L.A. now.

We’re very much assisted by the online services that allow us to send big files, which has also been of great use to the Sound department of the project.

Email to a friend who had received the CD, Like A Bridge, extra details from the sound booth… 

Hi, Jerry! Ah, so glad you like Beyond the Sea; it was the first tune we recorded in the life-changing 2-day session last February, and I was crying with gratitude between takes. We have video of all of us in the booth shaking our heads yes as we heard back the first playback and it became a reality that we could actually pull this off. Up till then nobody told me that what I had planned to do was in reality impossible.


Did I mention that the DVD is not ready yet at this writing?  The premiere is at the historic Balboa Theater in San Francisco, and by now it should have in and out of manufacturing but that has not yet come to pass. I’m tense.

Ah, cool, the CD’s on Rhapsody.


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