Bridges on which to dance to all the music of the world…

We returned from France, via L.A., early in June, after a fascinating and rewarding experience in cultural exchange.

Click to see the mini-documentary about the Cultural Exchange between myself, producer-composer Candace Forest and Lille-France-based bassist-composer Albin Suffys, the organizations and the people that supported the cultural exchange, and the products of the exchange: A live concert with French and American musicians, a master class on the Great American Songbook, and the world premiere of a new musical piece. All live footage shot in May 2010, from the master class, a radio interview, the concert in Lille and Lomme, France.

The No Borders Project


A la rencontre des musiciens français qui inventent les rythmes et les mélodies des golden gates.

Des ponts à danser sur toutes les musiques du monde.

To the meeting with French musicians who invent rhythms and melodies of golden gates.

Bridges on which to dance to all the music of the world.

–       Séverine Rybinski Suffys, Co-Founder of Theatre Company Les Chantiers de L’Inédit of Lille, France, one of the collaborating organizations in our exchange.


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