Are you hungry?

Realizing that, although updates of a professional nature are also pending, you might be hungry¬†– it’s a holiday weekend and all – so I’ve prioritized the communication of a recipe christened JAZZY CHEX, which was created and kitchen-tested a few weeks ago at Sea Ranch, up here on on the Northern California coast, by my producer, the inimitable Ms. Candace Forest.

There are no specific amounts; that is part of the JAZZ of it. You are required to use your instincts and improvise.


GREASE a pyrex or oven-proof shallow baking dish with butter.


unsweetened shredded wheat mini bites or whatever they call them

dried cranberries

dry-roasted edamame or other healthy nuts

walnuts or similar


coarse salt, rice vinegar, honey or maple syrup, cayenne pepper (our fave comes from New Orleans and is called, I swear, Slap Ya Mamma)


at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes or (here’s your jazz chops again) until the leader says it’s done.


Great with cocktails, my favorite being, of course, a Manhattan.


One response to “Are you hungry?

  1. I bet this would also be good with the Corn Chex and Rice Chex added to the mix…..breakfast food never tasted sooooooooo good! C-ya

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