We are playing in NYC in April

OK, I have no idea what a trackback is. But a press release was published about my upcoming gig at the Bliss Bar in San Francisco and announcing that we will play the Cornelia Street Cafe in April, so I put the link in the trackback section, but since I have no idea what that is, I’ll just add it here, too.


So yeah, I am thrilled that we will play the Cornelia Street Cafe on April 24. This place has an amazing cultural history, has never been franchised or perhaps even compromised in its resolute commitment to art and society. It was named a Cultural Landmark by the City of New York, and THAT was 20 years ago!! It was co-founded in 1977 by Robin Hirsch, who still runs it. And it is in Greenwich Village, downtown in New York City.

This is as much a landmark MOMENT for me as was releasing our latest CD at the Iridium on Broadway in 2008. I feel I have always lived and created on the fringe. I have never been easily classifiable as a solo performer, as a casting “type,” or even in the jazz world. I don’t seem to do anything that is easily labeled (and therefore marketed and sold). So here is a venue that opens its cultural arms to many forms of expression, and has apparently been successful all these years doing so. As a kid, I was so drawn to Greenwich Village – my older brother lived there for a time – and it was the romantic life of La Boheme – the bohemian life – where I felt most myself, most understood.

And that, in the zoom out position, is really all I have ever wanted. To be UNDERSTOOD.


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